Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bookstores in Boston area

One of my favorite cities in North America is Boston because of the number of bookstores and the wonderful Italian food in the North End. Sadly, like many other cities in North America, the number of independent bookstores have declined in the past several years. However, there are still many excellent ones, especially around Harvard Square in Cambridge just across the Charles River from Boston.

Trident Booksellers & Cafe is a great stop anytime of the day. It is located in the trendy Newbury Street, a few minutes walk from the lovely Boston Public Library. Coincidentally, there is another Trident Booksellers & Cafe in Halifax, NS. I have no idea if they are owned by the same company.

The city of Cambridge, MA is home to a number of excellent independent bookstores including the Harvard Co-op. If you find yourself in Harvard Square, look for the free Bookstores around Harvard Square pamphlet. You can easily spend a couple of days visiting them. I will add more photos to this section after I visit Cambridge next time.
Not only does Harvard Book Store has some real bargains, it also hosts a regular reading by well known authors.

Concord, MA is a quaint little town about 3o-minute drive west of Cambridge. The town is of course rich with American revolutionary history. Just steps from the town, you will find the famous North Bridge. A few miles down the road is where the Minutes Man National Park is located. Walden Pond is also close by and it is definitely worth a visit especially during the off season.

For a little town, it has two independent bookstores.


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