Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bookstores in Wisconsin

Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. It is a university town. Hence, there are a number of independent bookstores. If you find yourself in Madison, definitely take the short drive to Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's estate in Spring Green, WI. The following photos were taken during a road trip in the Thanksgiving weekend in 2006.

The Shakespeare's Bookstore is a few steps away from the State Capitol in Madison, WI.

J Taylor's specializes in rare and out-of-print book. It is located on 18 North Carroll Street, Madison.

Avol's Bookstore is another bookstore dealing with rare and out-of-print books. It is located at 315 W. Gorham Street, Madison.

A Room of One's Own is another used bookstore in Madison.

Paul's Books is a used bookstore located at 670 State Street, Madison.

This place advertizes itself as Bed, Book & Breakfast

The following two bookstores are located in Cedarburg, WI. Cedarbury is a historic town about 20 minutes North of Milwaukee.


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Good idea Savio. I'll have to visit some of these

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